September 30, 2008

So, I was called on it. It has been since early may since I posted anything, and there have been massive changes in my life since then.

In late may Firestorm Cafe and Books opened up, of which I am a part owner. It is a cooperatively owned community space with about 10 owners and hosts community events regularly, from a local AA meeting to weekly free movie nights to acoustic shows and local college professors giving talks on permaculture. We have a bookstore and vegan cafe to bring in funding to make the space sustainable and to pay ourselves with.

Since we opened in May, i have only taken one weekend off (this past weekend which i spent on a commune with Anarchist, Pagan, Gay men), and have been kept so busy that it is no surprise that i've forgotten to update said blog.

I have also continued to paint and draw (though never at the rate that i'd like to). but in the next day or two i am going to photograph and post what i've been working on.

E.Y. Baynes