March 26, 2008

I went to Winston-Salem to my ol' alma motter... i wanted to see Pam, but i am stupid and went the monday after easter... and during their spring break... so i didnt see anyone. Anyways, i saw some old art of mine, of Kandy's, of Brennen's, of other VA alum... it was good times.

I've been drawing more... starting to work a little large scale (despite not having the facilities for it), and continuing to work on the tinfoil face paintings...

It is so much more difficult to motivate myself bing out of school and out of community. There are so many other things i need to do, other things i need to set up, other activities to distract me... almost enough to make me want to apply to grad school. HAH!


March 13, 2008

So, here are a few pictures of what i've been working on the last day or two...

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 1

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 2

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 3

I really like whats going on with this one... its so unlike things that i've spent time with in the past. Im doing it on this old, weird paper that i've had forever... i think my grandmother found it in her attic 5 or 6 years ago, and it'd prolly been there for at least two decades prior to that, but anyways, its old, odd paper, and i've got a few more sheets in its deminsions, and im thinking about whether or not i wanna do a few other 'The Crystalline Structure of..." pieces... make a triptych... we'll see.

Oh, and sorry for the blurry images and the kinda wonky colors... i'm doin' my best with the facilities i have... but for those pictures, the 'facilities that i have' consist of borrowing my moms digital point-and-click, and the carpet space in front of a stained glass window... i worked on 'em a little bit in the photoshops to bring 'em back right... but there wasn't much i could do about the blur.
please forgive.

and speaking of those being unlike things that i generally do, here are a few paintings that i started once i got down here. i dont have very good studio space, so i only work on them when i feel a strong need to... but they are more in line with what i have done in the past.

TinFoil Face (Eli) - Process 1

TinFoil Face (Wig) - Process 1

March 12, 2008

so, i've started a new, large, more precise version of "The Crystalline Structure of Belief" in a very Papa Paszul vein. I dont know what you've done to my brain, how you've done it, or what will come of it Papa, but i am fond of this drawing and plan on seeing it through and possibly doing a few others with a similar feel.

Its been so long since i've done anything that has required a ruler or precision and it feels nice to try it a little... i am pretty sure that this isnt where i'll set up shop and stay, but i am enjoying it while i do it now, and thats what seems more important than anything else to me.

I dont understand how artists can get pinned down into a specific thing that is 'their thing.' Rothko with his 'big fuzzy squares,' Pollock with his 'big ugly splatter shit'... part of it is, i guess, that i've never found something that i needed to explore in such depth... but to work on one single thing to the exclusion of so so so many other things seems ludicrous to me. What i do ranges almost too wildly... i look at two things next to each other and they seem like they were don by different people. I like some amount of change and flux because it says (to me) that i am not a machine excreting the same thing over and over... but i'd like maybe a little more continuity to what i do.


March 11, 2008

So, i've had another day or two of sketching... with so little to do during the daylight hours, i have been spending a lot of time in Battery Park soaking up sun, watching pigeons and young'uns, listening to conversations the asheville-homeless carry on, and a few days ago, watching a dealer make his rounds... dont know what he was selling, but it didnt seem to be pot... and that made me pretty well uncomfortable...

but i had a lot of time to do scribblin' and will show a few of my favorites here.


Postmodern Chairs

while i was drawing an argument broke out among a rough lookin' woman and a rough lookin' guy where the woman was screaming profanities at him and talking about how he couldnt trash talk her like that, and the rest of them stood up and said that she couldn't be screaming like that with a little girl in the park (as there was a little girl climbing on the rocks who was prolly around 3)... and then the drawing turned into this and i gave it the caption i did.

Crystalline Structure of Belief

this one, too, was a response to some of what i was hearing people hanging around the park say. some guy was 'hollerin' at some woman across the street and said "i'll make a believer outta you," and it got written.

Beard Hierarchy

Coffee Advice

i got taken out for coffee at 5:30pm or something... so...

Still Life with Quill and Grapes - 1

Still Life with Quill and Grapes - 2

Which Fills First?

March 8, 2008

drew a little more.
things arent terribly consistant between my moods, but when i do a few i like, i do a few more like that... and then i do something else.

anyways. these are three of six that i did



I Know a Heroine Addict When I Draw One

Sleep Naked

March 6, 2008

So, here is a barrage of some of the things i've been working on recently. Sketching has been the recent focus because of my lacking adequate studio space... but i have been working on two paintings which i'll photograph soon and post.

Sorry for the horizontal images toward the bottom being cut off... i'm trying to work in code, and i've never done it before, my time is short, and it only bothers me minimally... so... deal. [Mar. 08, 2008 - Fixed it. it was quick and simple... just took a little mathing.]

Oh, and they are all out of the same sketch book, so they are all 4"x6" (or 6"x4" if you couldn't figure it out).


First Post

So, I have realized, under duress, how important it is (and will continue to be) to have some sort of web presence... and as a full fledged website is a little out of my scope right now, a blog has become increasingly attractive. This is my first one, so i will be figuring it out as i go, learning how to work with layout, design, HTML sundries, uploading images... the whole shebang.

I want a blog in order to display art work that has been cycling through, establish something of an archive of what i've done, what i am doing, and a place to write about what i hope to do in the future. Alongside with this endeavor, i hope to start an account with and put up work for sale. I have thought a lot about selling big works, selling pieces that were belabored and which i wouldn't want to part with without getting a large compensation for... and then i realized that it is unrealistic that i could do that where i am right now (as i am not producing work like that). I started to think about the small-works shows that my art college Montserrat College of Art , and figured that Etsy seems like the perfect place to recreate such a show which is permanently on display, accessible to a wider audience, and a way to get myself out there while i am otherwise unable to.

So, all of that being said, i hope to start scanning in work, framing work, posting it and writing about what is going on... if i can figure it out.

- E.Y.Baynes.