March 26, 2008

I went to Winston-Salem to my ol' alma motter... i wanted to see Pam, but i am stupid and went the monday after easter... and during their spring break... so i didnt see anyone. Anyways, i saw some old art of mine, of Kandy's, of Brennen's, of other VA alum... it was good times.

I've been drawing more... starting to work a little large scale (despite not having the facilities for it), and continuing to work on the tinfoil face paintings...

It is so much more difficult to motivate myself bing out of school and out of community. There are so many other things i need to do, other things i need to set up, other activities to distract me... almost enough to make me want to apply to grad school. HAH!


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∆ Ebenezer Archer Kling ∆ said...

whats going with the life quest?