May 3, 2008

So, its been a minute since i last posted anything. Over a month, actually. Things have been happening in my life, fewer artistic things than i'd like, but good things in motion.

I spent a week in New Orleans doing volunteer work reconstructing destroyed houses with the St. Bernard project in the St. Bernard Parish (which was actually hit harder than New Orleans proper by a magnitude of 10 [made up statistic... but it was hit hardhard]). I went with the Jubilee Community along with 15 other volunteers, some of which were on their 5th or 6th trip. I met some amazing americorps kids and it really made me think again, stronger, about the possible future of spending a year with them.

Also, i have managed to scrape my way into an apartment in downtown asheville. A single apartment. For work-trade. Within easy walking distance of everything. Working graveyard shifts at a medical answering service. The apartment is ample for my needs, and comes complete with a decent studio space//bedroom which will be converted into studio space. I've been here for about a week now and as soon as i am set up a little more, i look forward to painting like the bejesus. during this time i am continuing to put in applications to money-jobs, but have, thus far, been med with a cold shoulder everywhere i've put in.

I've started reading a book recommended to me by a friend on the transition from 'student' artist to 'professional' artist and the hardships involved... from inspiration and community to support (to a lack) to displaying work and shows, and have redoubled my resolve that i will not be a person who's thesis show is not also their terminal show. i'm down for working at this medical answering service, but it doesnt satisfy me... i'm not looking for any sort of career as anything other than 'artist'... so... it feels like the drive is still there, it just needs to be actively there, and i am steadily working toward a place where i can act on it more and more.

anyways, i figured i'd post to let people know that i was still alive. i dont have any new work to post, but thoughts are still flowing.

E. Y. Baynes.

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