March 13, 2008

So, here are a few pictures of what i've been working on the last day or two...

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 1

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 2

Crystalline Structure of Belief - Process shot 3

I really like whats going on with this one... its so unlike things that i've spent time with in the past. Im doing it on this old, weird paper that i've had forever... i think my grandmother found it in her attic 5 or 6 years ago, and it'd prolly been there for at least two decades prior to that, but anyways, its old, odd paper, and i've got a few more sheets in its deminsions, and im thinking about whether or not i wanna do a few other 'The Crystalline Structure of..." pieces... make a triptych... we'll see.

Oh, and sorry for the blurry images and the kinda wonky colors... i'm doin' my best with the facilities i have... but for those pictures, the 'facilities that i have' consist of borrowing my moms digital point-and-click, and the carpet space in front of a stained glass window... i worked on 'em a little bit in the photoshops to bring 'em back right... but there wasn't much i could do about the blur.
please forgive.

and speaking of those being unlike things that i generally do, here are a few paintings that i started once i got down here. i dont have very good studio space, so i only work on them when i feel a strong need to... but they are more in line with what i have done in the past.

TinFoil Face (Eli) - Process 1

TinFoil Face (Wig) - Process 1


Anonymous said...

i really like the tin foil face, but......

i have to admit, the one digital imaging you did that says the stuff about violating photobucket's rules has to be your best work ever! LOL.


E. Y. Baynes said...

yah... i'll have to look at that again... i am pretty sure that i didnt violate any rules of photobucket per-se... so i'll figure out what it is that i really did do

Anonymous said...

show your drawings