March 12, 2008

so, i've started a new, large, more precise version of "The Crystalline Structure of Belief" in a very Papa Paszul vein. I dont know what you've done to my brain, how you've done it, or what will come of it Papa, but i am fond of this drawing and plan on seeing it through and possibly doing a few others with a similar feel.

Its been so long since i've done anything that has required a ruler or precision and it feels nice to try it a little... i am pretty sure that this isnt where i'll set up shop and stay, but i am enjoying it while i do it now, and thats what seems more important than anything else to me.

I dont understand how artists can get pinned down into a specific thing that is 'their thing.' Rothko with his 'big fuzzy squares,' Pollock with his 'big ugly splatter shit'... part of it is, i guess, that i've never found something that i needed to explore in such depth... but to work on one single thing to the exclusion of so so so many other things seems ludicrous to me. What i do ranges almost too wildly... i look at two things next to each other and they seem like they were don by different people. I like some amount of change and flux because it says (to me) that i am not a machine excreting the same thing over and over... but i'd like maybe a little more continuity to what i do.


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