March 11, 2008

So, i've had another day or two of sketching... with so little to do during the daylight hours, i have been spending a lot of time in Battery Park soaking up sun, watching pigeons and young'uns, listening to conversations the asheville-homeless carry on, and a few days ago, watching a dealer make his rounds... dont know what he was selling, but it didnt seem to be pot... and that made me pretty well uncomfortable...

but i had a lot of time to do scribblin' and will show a few of my favorites here.


Postmodern Chairs

while i was drawing an argument broke out among a rough lookin' woman and a rough lookin' guy where the woman was screaming profanities at him and talking about how he couldnt trash talk her like that, and the rest of them stood up and said that she couldn't be screaming like that with a little girl in the park (as there was a little girl climbing on the rocks who was prolly around 3)... and then the drawing turned into this and i gave it the caption i did.

Crystalline Structure of Belief

this one, too, was a response to some of what i was hearing people hanging around the park say. some guy was 'hollerin' at some woman across the street and said "i'll make a believer outta you," and it got written.

Beard Hierarchy

Coffee Advice

i got taken out for coffee at 5:30pm or something... so...

Still Life with Quill and Grapes - 1

Still Life with Quill and Grapes - 2

Which Fills First?

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